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Richardson Hitchins Message After Defeat

Written by HMI Buzz

After a disappointing defeat, Richardson Hitchins took Facebook to express his gratitude and what’s next for him.


I want to start of by thanking God For this amazing Life experience .This is the end For This amazing chapter of my life , Had A Great Fight Tonight With My home Country USA In the Olympic Games I lost A fight I felt the scoring was totally off From what the judges Had It I feel Like I landed The cleaner and more effective punches but it is what it is Russell is A Great fighter and A cool person We are both Young and hungry fighters and I can see this fight happening again in the pro ranks Somewhere in the future. I will be rooting for Russell to bring the Gold back To our Country God bless him and his family , this Part of my life has been amazing Making it to the Olympic Games at 18 and sharing this world stage With the best in the world and knowing I’m apart of that Elite group at a young age Was Such a tremendous Accomplishment for me But I’m done with amature Boxing And Will be looking to start my professional Career I can’t deal with amature boxing Anymore it’s time for me start a new chapter in My life and this One will be Legendary 🙏🏾💯 #TeamHitchins #2016olympian 🇺🇸🇭🇹💯 #Rio2017 – Richardson Hitchins

Before the fight, Haitian American professional boxer, Andre Berto posted the following message on his Facebook page. “Win lose or draw, u made us proud my man. Your the new generation of this 🇭🇹 blood line, ya future is bright. Now it’s time to get this money.” Berto represented Haiti in 2004 Olympic, but lost in the first-round. This shows This shows Berto sees himself in Richardson and proud of him. This is only the beginning for the young boxer, who’s already thinking of becoming pro.

“The evolution of Haitian boxing continues with Richardson Hitchins”, said Former professional Haitian American boxer, Daniel Edourad.



The evolution of Haitian boxing continues with Richardson Hitchins. HMI Buzz.

The evolution of Haitian boxing continues with Richardson Hitchins. HMI Buzz.



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