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Painter-Singer- Activist Kencie Performing live at Talent’s Night

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Kencie will be performing live at Talent’s Night tonight. Read her biography and learn more  about her beautiful  journey.

Louikencia Jean Doriscan, also known as Kencie, painter, singer, activist, was born August 1st, 1991 in Jacmel, Haiti. Grand Children of the great jacmelian painter Meger SAMEDI, a true art lover in all its ways, from her youngest age she got interested in the most expressive ways to represent her view about her environment.

Kencie was raised in a Baptist church. She started singing at very young age. She joined her kid choir when she was only 5, and music has always been part of her family.That’s where her love for singing began. Kencie is also a painter. At her elementary school, her numerous drawings on tables and benches were count as anecdotes. She remembers that she used to paint on everything she got her hands on. “At school, the other students would not sit next to me, because as soon as I had a pen in hand, I was scribbling on anything”, she said. She was already an artist back then. Her thirst for knowledge, her curiosity, to increase her persistent and tenacious personality has brought her quickly to totally embrace these passions to which she will give herself soul and body: painting and singing.
Naturally militant and committed, her paintings and songs show undoubtedly her most important opinions, and especially her unshakable patriotism. Although she is an eclectic artist, her favorite work sphere is the abstract styles. At first a self-taught person, Kencie would later join the Jacmelian art school, FOSAJ, to learn the techniques of painting and drawing and become a seasoned artist.
Louikencia Jean Doriscan is also the founder and director of KProductions Arts, an artistic promotion agency. She has exhibited and sang at the FOSAJ but especially Florida, Gainesville, Miami etc. She has carried out several joint activities in Florida during the exhibition Art Basel 2015. She confesses being inspired by her homeland Haiti, by love and, of course, the city of Jacmel.

Her work has been featured in newspapers articles in Le Floridien, Le National, Rezo Nodwes, Haiti Press Network…
Now living in Miami, she shares from now on her time between her studies, her work and, of course, her painting and songs. She faces obstacles with her great smile and her optimism.Pai


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