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Dance A 2 Grand Opening Was a Great Success According to Team Members

Written by HMI Buzz

Saturday night, July 15th, 2017 showcased how beautiful it can be when a few friends unite to do something positive. Dance A 2 crew presented an exhilarating beginning last night at Elayne’s at the grand opening of – Dance A 2, Best Haitian Compas Night. Seeing their vision come to life brought smiles to the crew’s faces. DJ Wicked, Oz’mosis, Henry MVP, Pascal Beau, DJ Sajimix, and DJ Q all worked hard to make the night a great success. Each team member performed his respective task with great effort and significant sacrifices to deliver a great Compas night. Guests came out and enjoyed the night until the very end. The event was everything the team envisioned and much more.

DJ Q started the party exactly at 11:00 p.m., playing the best Haitian Compas of the 90’s. Map Dance Ave’w by Mizik Mizik, could not have been any better to open. That song itself is a version of what Dance A 2 is all about. In that song, Emmanuel Oba depicted a vivid picture of one of his best moments on the dance floor.

“Map dans ave’w, santi’m gentan prale/ Chale’k nan ko’w gentan fe’m transpote/ Li fe’m gentan imajine’n tap fe lanmou / ki fe’m gentan bliye gen moun kap gade nou”, he sings. In translation, “I’m dancing with you/ feeling like I’m gone/ your body heat got me to release/ I’m already imagining we’re making love/ I already forget people were watching us”.

The 90’s was a great time in Haitian Compas history. Some of the best Compas songs ever recorded were made in the 90’s. Dance A 2 is providing a platform for Compas fans who want to relive 90’s era on the dance floor.


Around 1:30 p.m., DJ Wicked grabbed the microphone and thanked everyone for coming out to Dance A 2 grand opening and expressed the vision of the organization. The stars of the night, Claudel Chica Ju, put on a great show when they were called to the dance floor to strut their stuff.

“Dance A 2  has art appreciation. Claude and Chica Ju was the best couple to feature at our grand opening. The two talented dancers showed the most sophisticated way Haitian Compas can be danced by a couple”,  Oz’mosis, one of the creators of Dance A 2 said. “Dance A 2 was a very successful night, classy, and very professional…”, said Claudel Theagene, the instructor/professional dancer of the night. “Thank you to HMI Buzz, specially Oz’mosis for allowing us to bless the floor and opened the night”, added Claudel.


“All I can say about the grand opening is wow and thank everyone that came out. I had a good time and the party was live,” DJ Wicked said. Elayne’s banquet hall, the very beautiful venue, had a different look that night with its newly added VIP area in the back to give it the club setting. “Next Saturday will even be better.”

This Saturday, July 22, 2017, Dance A 2 will raise the bar even higher. This Saturday, Dance A 2 will feature talented dancer and social media star, Jessica Saint Gorges and her dancing partner Papa Gigit. It’s still free admission for the ladies before midnight, 100-dollar bottle and 5-dollar beer all night; Bouillon, Lambi, and hookah will also be available at reasonable prices. No street and gym gears will be allowed. The appropriate attire for Dance A 2 is comfortable dressing shoes, slacks, button down dress shirts, or suits for men. For the ladies, they are asked to keep it sexy and classy.







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