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Bensky is Ready to Drop his Second EP — Because Of You (official video)

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2 years ago, Bensky got introduced to the Haitian Music Industry (HMI)  by his friend Flav, Gabel’s lead singer with buzzing single, AWAY. Shortly after that, he dropped his first EP, Dreams. The Dreams EP presented his unique sound, which added a new flavor to the Haitian Compas sound. In Closer, he blends several genres together to offer what he refers to as “worldwide music”. The EP bridged the sounds of all — Hip-hop, R&B, Techno, Zouk, Compas, and Afro. Many songs of the EP received  solid spinning in the Haitian Compas clubs, especially in South Florida. Bensky did some shows, put out a few videos, did some collaborative works. Now, he is ready to introduce his next EP due at the end of the year.

In Because Of You, featuring Khovu,  Bensky puts his style in full display accompanied by appealing rhythms. Bensky’s style of singing is a combination of Akon and T-Pain; hence, one can expect to hear  a lot of beautiful and catchy melodies. “My style is worldwide music. Being in the states at an early age, I wanted to bring what the people here listen to and what’s back home together and make it my own sound”, he says of his unique sound. This song was released a year ago, Bensky hopes this amazing song receives the attention it deserves.

Because Of You is based on Bensky’s personal experience as he shared the following statement –“I almost always write about real life experiences. I wrote this song about a past relationship I had. Although it’s not exactly what had happened during that time I was in that relation, but it’s an overview of some of the things I had to go through while I was in the relation and afterward.”

Khovu who happened to show up at the end of a Bensky studio session described his experience and how he ended up featuring on the Because Of You. “I went to Bangerz studio one day for a session. When I walked in, Bensky was working on a new song. I loved the vibe so much joking around, I was like “’yo you should let me on this”’. I didn’t think he would actually agree to it. We both sat down, put our great minds together. All night working on the song. Magic was created. What was a small gesture turned into an amazing Caribbean song. Everyone that hears it loves it.” Many hits in the history of music have happened the same way Khovo mentioned above.


“I felt uneasy at first because I was walking into Bensky’s element. I did my best hoping I could keep up (I make mostly hip-hop) with his sound. Everything just clicked. From the topic, to the emotion; we expressed our feelings, I love the song”, Khovu added.


Speaking of his style, Bensky says,”The idea is to make music that almost never go out of style.”



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