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“Bae Night” Web Series and The Official Date Night

Take a look into “Bae Night,” a web series directed by Lunerversal, written by a real enamoured couple Sandra Justice and Genji Jacques and Luner Versal, to discover a beautiful love story. The series is produced by Lunerversal Film, Godz Sun Productions, and Inspirational Entertainment. The “Bae Night” series began when the couple thought about a date night and they came with  “Bae Night: The Official Date Night.” The goal is to help empower and motivate couples to keep the spice/love strong in their relationship. The night will consist of dinner, wine and live music performances, also featuring  special guest Celebrity “Sex” Doctor, Dr. Cathy MD.

Give your dreams some attention, is what we are inspired to think when we think of this beautiful love story that this beautiful couple have. Sandra and Genji Jacques’ story represent a fairy tale to many people. There will be questions about their relationship’s perfection. What those people will fail to understand is these two
lovers understand that they don’t have to be perfect. Their relationship is instructed through acts of honesty, acceptance, tolerance, to the degrees it hurts. But they don’t let the water reach the boiling point without going back to the basics. Love can do that. True love will make you ignore flaws or deal with someone’s flaws. Everything is about energy. When you want to be in the presence of good energy, you will have to sacrifice certain things, give up certain things and even cutting off some people in your life.

Life is too short not to make it worthwhile and have it count. You have to choose someone to share this life with. We were made for love; to give love; to procreate through love from the time God thought of making man, then woman, according to the Bible.

When you look to the basics, starting point, to where you think about the most important things in life, you keep things simple. Complication can bring the end to a good relationship. Who wants a complicated life? Who wants a complicated wife or husband? What does that mean having a partner? Forming a good team? What are the things your partnership with your significant other based on? How much do these principles mean to you? Things we give value to, are what will dictate how we live and treat others. That’s the story Bae Night love series is trying to capture.
We can work together despite our disagreements. Time is important and it should never be wasted. That’s why we need to be resourceful to each other and people who can help us enjoy this life.

Sandra and Genji create a love story that many people can only dream about. In the eyes of many, they look like a fairy tale couple. We see two beautiful people sharing a beautiful life together. They always wear inviting smiles. You think of the Obamas, the Carters, and the Smiths. It does not mean these people don’t have disagreements, it just happens they work around those disagreements. They believe in working together. As we know it, unity is power. You will find strength in unity. It’s not about preaching unity at this point; it’s about practicing it. We can’t keep ignoring the basics. Some of us don’t even acknowledge the basics. It’s good to connect things to everyday life. Because we have to live. Life is about taking baby steps. Learn to listen. If all you have is your word , then you are not supposed to lie. You keep your promises.

“Mis-communication can lead to complications that can destroy a good relationship,” Big Sean describes on No More Interviews. Don’t let something that could be resolved with a five minute conversation, become the reason for separation. When you don’t think about the other partner, you tend to become selfish. Selfishness is what has caused many worlds to end.

We sat down with this amazing, loving couple, Genji Jacques and Sandra Justice to dialogue about their love, their Bae Night web series, and many more. Check it out!


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